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Jonathan Campbell graduated from Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, in 1998 and received a Master’s in International Studies from the Jackson School for International Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington in 2000.

He moved to Beijing in 2000 to study Chinese and figure out what to do with his Master’s. Within weeks he began his descent into the local rock world, first, as drummer in several bands and later as chronicler, booster, promoter, agent and then some.

His writing appeared in a range of local, national and international media outlets while, beginning around 2005, he turned his attention to putting on gigs and tours for bands from around the world.

Over the years, he’s taken and sent rock, folk, punk, classical and metal groups to somewhere in the neighbourhood of two dozen cities across China as well as helping a few Chinese bands get overseas, including garage-punk band Subs (Chinese site), for whom he managed several international tours. He did this work under the banner of YGTwo Productions, and still does.

He has worked on and with several Chinese music festivals and, since 2005, produced a Jazz Series at Peking in theatres across the country. He has appeared in many documentaries, reports, books, articles and theses, and attended many international music conferences as part of China delegations.

He has been called a “stalwart of the Chinese music scene” (China Music Radar); an “instrumental behind-the-scene (figure)” (Beijing Daze); “hutong guru” (Rock in China); “busiest man in Beijing showbiz” ( and “the Dr. [Norman] Bethune of China’s rock scene” (Tian Jianhua, of punk band Reflector). Kang Mao, vocalist for garage-punk band Subs, said, in the documentary about her band, Rock Heart Beijing, “He’s a good guy. He’s smart, and knows how to drive a car. He is able to bear hardship.”

He left Beijing in late 2010 and lives in Toronto.

Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll is his first book.

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