beijing daze - the dish on beijing’s rock scene

beijing gig guide - and blog, and more.

the china beat - as they say, “Blogging how the East is read”

china music radar - the dish on china’s music industry

the global outpost - the biz, from China
kungfuology - home of shanghai’s most prolific rock bloggers

rock in china - blog of the encyclopaedic site

shanghaiist – the scoop dished on the paris of the east
smart shanghai – the nightlife of the paris of the east

yan jun – blog of china’s leading critic, poet, musician, promoter and the man behind labels subjam, kwanyin and much, much more 中文

China and Yaogun Online, Elsewhere

Labels, Presenters, etc

earnshaw books - publishers of Red Rock

maybe mars - beijing-based record label

midi festival – annual, mostly, rock fest; also jazz; the school where it all began

modern sky – beijing label-and-then-some behind the eponymous and strawberry festivals

nine gates jazz fest - small, if persistent, local-meets-int’l jazz fest
pilot music - record label, festival producers, etc 中文

soundsgreat – aka 声演坊, presenter, promoter, label (pocket music) extraordinaire
spli-t works – folks behind china music radar and much more

wawawa – online seller of great and extensive music 中文

ygtwo - jWc’s alter ego


danwei - web magazine, from the folks that brought you, the best china media/marketing/advertising/urban life site out there
douban - china’s facebook, myspace, etc all wrapped up into one, where most bands live in some form 中文 (most bands’ sites are: and it’s pretty clear how to play the music from there)

English-language China-based magazines/blogs: time out city weekend the beijinger

earnshaw books - publishers of Red Rock, and others

indie china - in and out of china, they’ve got the scoop, and gigs, too 中文

mogo - an amazing collection of live video of chinese shows 中文

pangbianr - events, video, music and more

rockinchina – amazing and encyclopaedic resource of all things, people, places yaogun; their blog is here
xiami - tons of music, streaming 中文 – extensive, if japanese, database of Chinese rock

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