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Library Journal Arts & Humanities Reviews, October 15, 2011:
Drawing from a wealth of sources and personal experiences, Campbell explores the individuals and their philosophies...and raises provocative questions about how far yaogun has come and where it is going...This in-depth, thoughtful, and well-written book will appeal to those with an interest in rock ‘n’ roll and related genres of contemporary music on an international level. An especially welcome addition to world music collections.

A Selection of Reviews

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He Yong

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ABC Radio, Books and Arts, Oct 2012

ABC Television’s Newsline on yaogun, Oct 2012

jWc appears on Melbourne radio station RRR program Detour, Oct 17, 2012

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International Herald Tribune, Aug 2012

Los Angeles Review of Books review and interview, Aug 2012

CBC Music asks jWc about folk-rock outfit Hanggai, Aug 2012

The Wall Street Journal’s Scene Asia blog asks for five albums; jWc gives six, and receives a cartoon likeness, July 2012

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The Wall Street Journal: WSJ review, WSJ Live (video), April 2012

Torontoist, April 2012

Metro (Toronto), March 2012

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Shanghai Daily, March 2012

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The Village Post, Feb 2012

Toronto Standard, Feb 2012

Bookclub in a Box, Feb 2012

Other People’s Books blog, Feb 2012

The Toronto Reference Library’s blog on jWc’s talk there, Feb 2012

Open Book Toronto asked jWc about his workspace in their “At the Desk” column, Feb 2012

Shanghai Talk, Feb 2012

Pengyou Project, Dec 2011

CBC Radio’s Day 6 on yaogun as a “winning” element of the most “winning” story of the year, China, Dec 2011

China Radio International, Nov 2011

the Beijinger, Nov 2011

Fairchild TV, Nov 2011 (Chinese)

Macleans magazine talks with jWc about Canadian musical impact in China

Public Radio International’s The World, Oct 2011

Radio Australia’s Connect Asia, Oct 2011

The Library Journal’s review (excerpted above)

Five major moments in yaogun’s long, strange march for Time Out (Beijing), Oct 2011

Global Times on Red Rock; and a companion piece on yaogun’s journey, Oct 2011

On Radiohead’s possible Chinese microblog account in the Guardian (UK), July 2011

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Wall Street Journal April 13-15, 2012:
...Few people are better positioned to compile the first comprehensive study of China's rock scene than [Campbell]... a page-turner... a rare China book that isn't focused on politics or profits, simply people yearning for change and a stage.

Booklist Reviews 2011 November #2
...As a participant in the music, Campbell is well situated to describe the bands, movements, and subgenres in the development of the music... The fact that there has often been a disconnect between when a Western act attains fame and when its stuff gets to China...merely adds to the fun. Excellent as a primer on a rising force in pop music, Campbell's efforts here constitute a labor of love. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

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