Press Roundup

In the hours leading up to Red Rock‘s Toronto launch on SATURDAY MARCH 24 1-4pm at the Gladstone Hotel (and at Facebook, here), herewith, a rundown of the not insubstantial, if we do say so ourselves, recent coverage the book has picked up:

Metro on jWc’s Toronto book launch

An Asia Society interview with jWc reposted on the Atlantic‘s website

An audio interview recorded after a talk to the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club on Forbes Magazine’s website.

Shanghai Talk on jWc’s Shanghai International Literary Festival appearance.

Bookclub In a Box talks to jWc.

Open Book Toronto on jWc’s workspace in the “At the Desk” column.

The Toronto Standard interviewed jWc.

The Toronto Reference Library blog’s detailed yaogun 101 entry in advance of jWc’s talk there in February.

An account of jWc’s talk at the Toronto Reference Library at Other Peoples Books.

See you at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto-based yaogunners!