The Yaogun Invasion is Upon Us…

Austin, Texas is about to get a dose of yaogun.

Like Deng Xiaoping before them, and like many bands since XTX (née Cold-Blooded Animal) in 2001, yaogun descends upon Texas. Like from right now.

18 cowboy deng

I have verified that Baishui is in the building; after great shows in LA and San Francisco (check Maybe Mars label dude Charles Saliba’s Facebook page for evidence), Carsick Cars, the Gar, and White+ are en route.

The Maybe Mars trifecta hits Austin for an official showcase on Thursday March 14 at the Soho Lounge (217 E 6th St); the Gar is up first at 11, and then White+ at midnight, and Carsick Cars at 1am. Check in on Charles’ F-book for other potential spots to catch the gang in Texas. But note, too that they’ll be in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Ran Teahouse on March 16.

In a very interesting piece of scheduling, Baishui’s official showcase is also up on Thursday evening at the Hideout Theatre at 9pm. Luckily for those desperate for a full night of China, the venues are around the corner from one another. Really. A quick walk.

Check YGTwo’s upcoming page for more on Baishui at SXSW, and stay tuned for upcoming word of NYC and DC-area dates for him too…