The Now Sound of Sichuan: Baishui in the USA

South by Southwest (SXSW), that massive music industry gathering that sees thousands of artists, industry folks and onlookers descend upon Austin, Texas, is over. Followers of this blog know that your humble narrator was along for the ride with Yibin, Sichuan native Baishui, to help bring his unique brand of prog-, goth-, experimental- and folk- (neo- and traditional) tinged rock to the Texan masses. A showcase, some parties and a fair bit of BBQ was taken in, and now, Baishui – the individual and the band he leads under his name – heads further afield. DC-, NYC- and San Francisco-based folks should take note…


Baishui creates a unique combination of traditional Sichuanese folk, experimental and cinematic soundscapes and post-rock. Fresh off a stint blowing minds at SXSW and across Austin, TX, Baishui rolls into Washington DC, New York City and San Francisco for gigs over the coming two weeks.
For an idea of what might be in store:


Washington, DC2013-03-17-BarnDance-trio-sm
Georgetown University, Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center, McGhee Library (37th and O St. N.W.)
Event details here

New York City
THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2013, 9pm
Ran Tea House
269 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211
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2013-03-17-HoleWall-BSiFRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2013, 9pm
China Institute
An evening of music & conversation with Baishui
125 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065 212.744.8181
Event details here

San Francisco
SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2013, 9pm
Quiet Night at the Vortex Room
1082 Howard, near 7th Street
Ftg Baishui, Tin Sandwich, DJ/host Neil Martinson spinning Mellow Psych, Progressive Rock, Gentle Soul, Space Music, Pillowy Pop, and others TBA