Newness, for a new year

More new content at The Bonus Tracks, multimedia musings and expansions upon the text, are almost fully, completely up on the site. It’s not only for Red Rock readers: Future readers, too, will no doubt find lots to love. Only the final chapter remains unposted, thus sustaining the mystery a little while longer: What will our hero do, with the gun smoking in its hand, innocence slowly wafting from his sould and the cops banging down the door…? Stay tuned, dear readers, as the final chapter’s Bonus Tracks will come, in the new year. Along with much new news, Red Rock-related. Promise.

Also, ongoing, as we all look back at another year, a personal, often heartbreaking, journey through 25 years of yaogun to find the best albums of the two-point-five decades. Suggestions? What are your favourite yaogun records? Biggest disappointments? Underrated gems? Post ’em, if you’re Facebook-friendly, on the Red Rock Facebook page, or comment through this site. I’ll be putting up my picks in a fittingly random and chaotic manner here, there and all over.

Stay tuned…