Duck Fight Boos

So Slash was the latest rock star to pass through the Middle Kingdom, playing a show at Shanghai’s Mixing Room & Muse, the in-house club of the Mercedes Benz Arena. Bigger news, perhaps, for those of us interested in this blog, is that Shanghai math/prog/experimental rockers Duck Fight Goose were brought in to open the show.

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More Yaogun Internationally

So in addition to the news that Cui Jian is finally available in digital form properly and internationally (check iTunes, Spotify and other purveyors of digital sounds streaming and selling), there is more yaogun about to make waves outside of China…

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Cui Jian, Internationally, Finally…

Yes, it’s another Cui Jian post, but it’s a Cui Jian post with news of developments in the man’s international career. For the first time ever, the music of the man who created, invented and stands atop yaogun, will be available on the international digital platforms that should have, realistically, had his music all along…

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The Voice, China, a bit of yaogun

With the successful Chinese version of Pop Idol and the massive popularity of singing competitions going back to the earliest days of China’s pop music industry, it was really only a matter of time before The Voice, that massive superstar-laden singing competition, hit China. The Voice China (中国好声音)’s first season ran from July to October of 2012; season two kicks off this summer. With the American version’s debut earlier this week, why not look back at China’s version’s first season, right? The show’s first winner, named on the eve of the nation’s Oct 1 birthday, was Liang Bo.

There is yaogun here, I swear.

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