More Yaogun Internationally

So in addition to the news that Cui Jian is finally available in digital form properly and internationally (check iTunes, Spotify and other purveyors of digital sounds streaming and selling), there is more yaogun about to make waves outside of China…

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The Now Sound of Sichuan: Baishui in the USA

South by Southwest (SXSW), that massive music industry gathering that sees thousands of artists, industry folks and onlookers descend upon Austin, Texas, is over. Followers of this blog know that your humble narrator was along for the ride with Yibin, Sichuan native Baishui, to help bring his unique brand of prog-, goth-, experimental- and folk- (neo- and traditional) tinged rock to the Texan masses. A showcase, some parties and a fair bit of BBQ was taken in, and now, Baishui – the individual and the band he leads under his name – heads further afield. DC-, NYC- and San Francisco-based folks should take note…

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Yaogun Invasion: USA

A small contingent of yaogunners will imminently arrive in the United States, headed for that celebrated land of music conference and festival South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Audiences in a select few cities outside of Austin, where the festival goes down, will also have a chance to catch the acts.

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