Liang Heping Fundraiser

A tip via Beijing Daze: On Saturday Jan 26, at Beijing’s Yugongyishan, there is a benefit concert for Liang Heping, one of the earliest and most important yaogunners there are. Hosted by Wang Di, who is a former performer, producer, long-time yaogunner and more, and one of the few that was around when Liang first started, the evening will feature sets from He Yong, Second Hand Rose, Tomahawk, Thin Man, Oxygen Can, Askar, Matiao and Zhang Qianqian, and a charity auction.

I wrote about Liang in the pages Red Rock as well as on this blog. He has been one of yaogun’s biggest boosters for as long as that was possible, and it’s heartening to see that yaogun has come to his aid in his time of need. In June, Liang was involved in a car accident, and in the spirit of a recent ‘rockers for war vets’ charity headed by 90s rocker He Yong (‘Eight Rock @War Vets’), started ‘Eight Rock @Liang Heping.’ The show details (Chinese) are at Yugongyishan’s website.

Liang Heping poster

Liang Heping


I was just informed that Liang Heping was involved in a serious car accident a week ago; details are difficult to come by, but as of June 29, he remains in hospital with serious lower body injuries.

Liang has been involved in yaogun for just about as long as anyone could have been. A member of the ‘house band’ that backed up all of the singers on that yaogunnily-fateful May day in 1986, it was technically Liang that introduced China to yaogun: He played the first notes of the Song That Changed Everything, Cui Jian’s “Nothing to My Name,” at the Let the World Be Full of Love concert.

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