Yaogun Mixtapes


The Trad Sound of Yaogun

(c) Jonathan Campbell all rights reserved

Though many may assume that the “Chinese” element in yaogun is traditional Chinese music. It’s not, but there are some great examples of that mixture of then and now.

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“Let Me Run Wild in the Snow” by Cui Jian, 1990

“Who Was it That Brought Me Here” by Xie Tianxiao and Cold-Blooded Animal, 2005

“Kouai” by Wangtone (Wang Lei and Hightone), 2005

Yongbao” (Hug) by Long Shen Dao (LSD), 2011

Cang Lang Shui Yu You” by Zhaoze, 2010

Ben Sheng” by Zi Yue, 2011

“Chinese Recess” by Abigail Washburn and the Shanghai Restoration Project, 2009