The Coverage Down Under

Wherein the blogger toots a few horns of his own, because the amazing interest in yaogun Down Under was deemed worthy of a wrap-up, particularly now that he finds himself ensconced in a lovely bachelor pad (thanks to the kindness of a friend who rocks) on the Isle of Lantau, back in Hong Kong, after a whirlwind week in Australia talking to all who would listen (and some, yes, who would snooze) about the way China rocks.

And so, a rundown of who said what about yaogun this past week Down Under – but keep your eyes peeled to the Aussie media landscape, because I felt a hunger that one man’s yaogun book alone could not sate.

Connect Asia, on Radio Australia, which started my foray into the Aussie media back in Oct 2011, broadcast a follow-up that was a year in the making. Also, the Corporation’s Chinese service talked yaogun as well.

If you visit the Triple R radio show, Detour‘s page and click to the Oct 17, 2012 episode, you’ll notice a couple of yaogun tunes that have yours truly’s fingerprints all over them.

Dave Beynon, host of the PBS Radio show Enter the Dragon, had me on to spend his entire Oct 17 episode devoted to yaogun.

The Australia Broadcast Corporation radio program Books and Arts Daily, based in Melbourne, spent fifteen minutes with me as I spoke to what I had to believe was an actual person (Michael Cathcart, specifically) while set up in ABC’s Canberra studios talking to the voice in my head(phones).

And there was television: Newsline, the Australia News Network program, talked with me and filmmaker/scholar Andrew Field and showed clips from Field’s film Down: Indie Rock in the PRC as well as from Karen Winther’s Rock Heart Beijing and other various sources.

Update 1: ABC News on Youtube

Update 2: the Sydney Morning Herald ran a piece on the sounds coming from the East (which also ran nationally in the Age) toward which folks might be inclined to turn. Yes, Gangnam is in there, but so is yaogun.