Subs at the Movies, and Plans for New Album

More film news… At the end of October, A Chilling Cosplay will be released in China (check out the preview here). It’s a thriller, titled, simply ‘Costume’ in Chinese, about murders and cosplay (‘costume’ and ‘play,’ says Wikipedia, about the nature of the term, which is just as much about putting on a Toy Story-inspired costume as it is about re-enacting hard-core Japanese manga), and stars Hong Kong actor Simon Yam alongside Taiwanese Vivian Hsu.

But that’s not why you’re reading about it here.

Why you’re reading about it here (thanks to a tip via the always-in-the-know Beijing Daze), is because of the band Subs. Or SUBS, really—杀不死 (sha bu si, loosely translated as ‘unkillable’). The band is no stranger to this blogger, having spent many weeks on the road with them (which you can read all about here), and having worked with them in the capacity of something resembling ‘manager.’ Alas. They’ve come a long way since those days of crash-pads and gas-station food.

SUBS has been drafted into A Chilling Cosplay‘s service. Their tune “Yours,” which comes off of their 2010 album, Queen of Fucking Everything, has, it seems, been chosen as the film’s theme song (‘f*cking’ and ‘cosplay’ in the same post! What will the search-engines think!). Where it will appear in the film will be known October 29, when the film opens. Here’s the video that’s begun making the rounds.

I love SUBS, truly. But as a lover of the English language as well, the massive sub-/sur-/all-over -titles of the lyrics—all alongside the truly silly English name slapped on the film—I can’t help but cringe at the effect those words have on a band whom I know Means It like few others do.

Alas. The real message here is the band has hit it even bigger, which is great to hear. The even better news is that the big-screen boost will not change the Mission on which SUBS has always embarked, a Mission that comes down to three letters: DIY.

Embracing the DIY life has meant, for one, that no record labels have ever been involved in Subs’ recording career (they have not, however, been averse to signing up with sponsors—Adidas, Nike and Zippo, to name three, though they’ve also supported PETA and other organisations). A good thing—complete freedom to record and perform when/whatever they’d like—and bad—support brings benefits, not least of which is, often, bringing production budgets beyond the ‘Y.’

For their next album, though, they expand upon that ‘Y.’ They’ve gone Kickstarter-style, putting up a campaign on The goal is to raise RMB30,000 (just under US$5000) by December 7; thus far, they’re just over RMB12,000. Gifts for donors, for contributions ranging from RMB30-10,000) range from mentions online to backstage hangouts with the band and the chance to scream on the album.

Based on the depth of their fan base across the country, seems to me that they’ll surpass their financial goals.

Here’s hoping they do it.

Below, the band, in their own words (subtitled in English, no less!), via the campaign site.